Marrakech, City of Culture

There’s something about the red city you did not expect.

Marrakech is known in the world for its sunshine, its easy holiday life, delicious food and beautiful handcraft, but there are now some other places, worth visiting, that bring another larger dimension to the city, blowing a new breeze of culture for a better knowledge of a centuries old civilization. From Moroccan paintings to Antiques, from traditional crafts to jewelry and ceramics, to the story of old perfumes to that of water, each discovery will throw a new light to your vision of the “Red Pearl”… Welcome to Marrakech, City of Culture !

Boucharouite Museum Marrakech

Boucharouite Museum

Former riad of the XIX th century transformed by its proprietor concerned with exhibition, especially for these famous carpets “boucharouites”: born with the appearance of ready-to-wear in the sixties, this carpet is made by Berber women from small strips of cloth cut out of old clothes.

Dar Si Said Museum in Marrakech

Dar Si Said Museum

Dar Si Said is a large palace built in the second half of the 19th century on the initiative of Si Said B. Moussa who served as minister of war under the regency of his brother Ba Hmad. On the death of Si Said in 1900, the house had undergone several assignments.

Marrakech Palmeraie Museum

Palmeraie Museum

Located in the palm grove, one of Marrakech’s newest museums is housed in old farm buildings. There is a permanent exhibition devoted to contemporary Moroccan art (photographs, paintings, sculptures, calligraphy…) where the works of some fifty artists are exhibited.

Aman Museum on Water Civilisation in Marrakech

Aman Museum on Water Civilisation

Located on the Route de Casablanca, this museum aims to be an attractive and innovative place for the general public, it was created in tribute to the Moroccan genius in the management of Water, to the historical role of the Habous in the management of the water.

Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden

Museum of African Contemporary Art

Through the Alliances Foundation, the museum allows a large part of Mr Alami Lazrak’s private collection to be exhibited to the public with the aim of familiarizing, transmitting, making discover, Culture is a common good that can be a tremendous lever for development.