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Private tours of Morocco

Discover our A La Carte Experiences

As an incoming travel agency, and in the spirit of our personalized products and “A La Carte” services, we offer several tours and visits covering the whole of Morocco and tailored to the desires of your customers, achieved in all conditions of budget, either for groups (minimum 20 participants) or individual travellers.

And if you still do not find that specific tour you were looking for, get in touch (and give us your requirements: dates of stay, number of participants, hotel category, type of activities, etc.), and we’ll build it for you!

Book one of our private tours, and you and your clients will directly benefit of :

  • Our long-standing experience since we have been fully bonded with the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism since 1982,
  • Our creativity and flexibility,
  • Our use of very recent if not brand new vehicles, with English / Spanish / French / Arabic and Berber speaking drivers, with full coverage insurance, plus our liability insurance,
  • The presence, whenever required, of our selected multilingual guides, officially registered with the Ministry of Tourism and allowed to operate in the whole country,
  • Our extensive portfolio of partners allows us to cover all wishes and needs, quality and prices,
  • One of the best value for money on the market.
  • Plus, during their stay, a 24/7 phone number and daily contact with your clients.

sahara experiences

Private Tours of Morocco with Unitours Maroc, travel agency since 1981

Rock the Kasbahs !

This four-day trip will introduce you to the natural desert, an unmissable experience without which a stay in Morocco would not be complete! Our Sahara desert camp and the camel trek on the way to watch the sunset or sunrise over the dunes will highlight a journey you will not stop talking about for months. Sit back and enjoy the company of our local guides and drivers, who will show you the beauty of the Morocco Sahara with pride and enthusiasm.

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Unitours Maroc: your Destination and Events Management Company (DMC) in Morocco

Southern Morocco and The Sahara

Across the Atlas Mountains, down south, lies another Morocco. Lush oases and dry river beds, ochre Kasbahs and green orchards, topped by blue skies sometimes turning to indigo at sunset, soft waves of dunes and dark rocky ergs, here is the country of Silence. Dare to take a few days for a different experience and go and listen to your heartbeats.

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tours of morocco

Private Tours of Morocco with Unitours Maroc, travel agency since 1981

The Imperial Cities

The first and a must-do tour for an approach to Morocco through its centuries-old History. Follow the creation and the life of this new Mediterranean kingdom from the VIIth century until today, visiting the various cities that were its capital at one moment or another.

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Unitours Maroc: your Destination and Events Management Company (DMC) in Morocco

Marrakech and The Fortified Cities

This six days tour following the Atlantic Ocean coastline will bring you from old Portuguese trading posts (comptoirs) to fishermen’s villages, from Oualidia oysters breeding area to the potter’s furnaces in Safi, including Marrakech, of course, and a visit to Casablanca great mosque, air schedules permitting.

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Unitours Maroc: your Destination and Events Management Company (DMC) in Morocco

Grand Tour of Morocco

You can’t travel to Morocco without visiting the Imperial Cities with their age-old monuments and souks, the eternal unchanging Berber Morocco with its Atlas mountains and oases, the Saharan landscape to follow the path of the caravan roads and witnessing the presence of the Portuguese.

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themed tours

Culinary Tours of Morocco

Culinary tour of Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is said to be of the four best in the world! This reputation is probably due to the different influences received along the centuries, from the Romans and the Phoenicians to the Portuguese, the Spanish and the French! But even more than that, subtle use of the spices and a great tradition of home cooking by the mother of the family account for it. Even today, you will find the best Moroccan food in families’ homes rather than restaurants. Hence we have included « family cuisine » in our programme, and you will undoubtedly lick your fingers!

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Unitours Maroc: your Destination and Events Management Company (DMC) in Morocco

Jewish Heritage Tour

Present in Morocco as early as the 7th century, the Jewish community was reinforced in 1492: with the fall of the Kingdom of Granada, reconquered by the » Catholic Kings », Isabel of Castilla and Ferdinand II of Aragon, the Sephardi Jews of Spain are obliged to convert or have to flee, and they escape to Morocco, to join the communities already existing.
This 12 days tour will lead you to this part of your History, covering the highlights of the Jewish presence in Morocco and the sanctuaries of celebrated rabbis.

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trekking in morocco

Toubkal Valley near Marrakech

Toubkal Valleys and Berber Villages

You will travel through some of the most incredible landscapes the region has to offer. You’ll trek through forests, valleys, passes, with lunch during the day. You’ll interact with the Berbers, spend your nights in the “Gite” and you will enjoy the company of the local Amazighs.

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Iftane Beach near Essaouira

Camel Trek along the Atlantic coast

A 3-day easy camel trek, in rhythm with the tide. Tonic hike, tempered with the ocean breeze. The camel trek in this region enables you to discover a still wild coast, as beaches are only accessible by foot. You will hike through isolated villages, dunes and Argan trees.

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