Today, we’re so happy to release a new version of our App !

After hours of hard work, a lot of love, passion and team effort, it is finally here, and this new version has, a part from the minor bug fixes and other improvements, major enhancements:

  1. “Events in Morocco” is now updated with the latest events related to Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE), and other tourism related events in Morocco,
  2. “Representatives” displays now a clearer layout where you will easily find an official contact near you,
  3. “Marrakech Maps” has been updated to the latest spots you definitely do not want to miss in and around Marrakech: famous places, hotels and riads (our selected partners only), some really nice countryside, international and moroccan restaurants,
  4. The navigation menu has been rearranged to let you go straight to the most important information,
  5. “Get in touch”, formerly name “feed-back”, lets you better… get in touch with us!

And of course, “My Toolbox” provides you with a set of utilities to better use our App: bookmarks, share, chat, and even find users of the same app around you ! (only if you have created your account and granted localization).


But wait, I did not download your App !?

As many of you will also read this post through our mobile-optimized website, we totally understand that you may be a bit new to these updates… So why not try for yourself and download it?

Note: our App is no longer available, we apologize for any inconvenience.

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