As we have decided to discontinue our App, this post has been updated accordingly and we have removed the link to download it.
Please accept our apologizes for the inconvenience.

All the tourism-related events in Morocco in one single place.

Morocco is a country hosting so many events each year… Wouldn’t it be handy to get a list of all those exhibitions, shows, fairs, rallyes, etc… in one single place? Of course it would, and we have have created this list for you! All you need is to do is download our free app, and all events taking place in Morocco will no longer be secret to you.

Once you have downloaded it, just go to “Events in Morocco” in the navigation menu. There, you can sort all events by type (culture, sports, music and exhibitions), and quickly get all the information available: what, where, when and who.

And if you have allowed push notifications on your device, you will also receive a notification whenever a new event (or other information) has been published.