Marrakech has entered Time Out magazine’s 2022 ranking as the 7th best city (out of 53) to visit and live in the world.

Time Out magazine surveyed 20,000 city residents to establish its 2022 ranking of the best cities to visit and live in. While the 2021 index focused on resilience, solidarity and good pandemic management, the 2022 index focuses on the resurgence of activity, “with a thriving nightlife, incredible food and drink, and an abundance of arts, culture and museums on offer.”

“We’ve highlighted places that aren’t boring, overpriced or overrated, and we’ve made sure that our top picks also score well on practical elements such as walking, good public transport, safety, and ecology,” the online site points out.

Marrakech, the tourist capital of Morocco, came 7th in the 2022 ranking out of a total of 53 cities. The ochre city is ahead of major European or Western cities such as Berlin (8th), Montreal (9th), Madrid (12th), Melbourne (15th), London (17th), New York (20th), Lisbon (28th) and Paris (32nd).

According to the media, what makes Marrakech “great” is its “creativity and faith in the future”, which has brought the city out of the pandemic “with a new lease of life”.

“Containment has created space for local entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves by opening cool new shops. A new international storytelling festival welcomed the city’s first post-pandemic visitors in February, while major players (hoteliers) are sporting cheeky new looks and fiery music nights. No wonder visitors are eager to return,” reads the review, which cites the Ochre city’s “cultural boom” through exhibitions of modern African art at MACAAL and MCC Gallery.

Marrakech also scores highest in terms of good neighbourhood knowledge. 68% of respondents said it was easy to get to know their neighbours, and 70% to make new friends.

Barcelona, Dubai and Istanbul only came 39th, 40th and 50th, respectively. Rome is still in 41st place, and Los Angeles is in 42nd place. At the top of this year’s ranking, Edinburgh, which has a population of over 500,000, was chosen for its beauty (monuments, architecture, picturesque landscapes) (95% of respondents) and its accessibility on foot (93%).

The Scottish capital also stands out for its constantly evolving gastronomic and cultural appeal (new restaurants, festivals, etc.). “It’s a friendly city that encourages self-expression across communities through its art, culture and nightlife. It is always welcoming to all groups,” reads the Time Out article. 88% of residents said it was easy to “express who you are” in the city.

The rest of the podium included Chicago (voted the most fun city in the world this year) and Medellín in Colombia (best nightlife and city to eat and drink in the world).