Half day visit of Taroudant

90 minutes away from Agadir, A glimpse of History dating back to the XIth century in the city sometimes called « the Little Marrakech » because of the color, and also because of its Remparts built by the Saadian Dynasty.

Your Excursion

Taroudant is located only 80km from Agadir. It was occupied by the Almoravids in 1056. Under the Saadi Dynasty Taroudant knew its golden age, especially under the reign of Mohammed Ash-Sheich, who constructed the city walls and built the great mosque and its beautiful minaret in 1528.

The town became the capital of the Saadians who used it as a base to attack the Portuguese in Agadir. Citizens formed an alliance with Ahmed Ibn Mahrez, a dissident nephew of Moulay Ismail. Today the town is a notable marketing town and has a souk near each of its two main squares, Assarag and Talmoklate. There is also a weekly souk outside the city walls, near the future university district. The ramparts of the town are nearly 6 kilometres long and are set with bastions and punctured with nine gates which still remain intact today.

Outside the ramparts is a small tannery catering in travel equipment for camel riding such as goat skin, camel hide sandals, leather bags and belt etc. The Berber market, called Jnane al-Jaami, sells spices and dried fruits but mostly clothes and (mainly plastic) household goods. The Arab souk however specialises in handicrafts such as, wrought iron, pottery, brass and copper, and carpets and rugs and jewellery.

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