Testimonials from our Clients

Who, better than our clients, will tell their experience with Unitours Maroc ? Here are some of the newest testimonials we have received, and we’re looking forward to have yours too !

Hi Khadija and Meriame,

First of all I would like to thank you for our first and successful event this year. So far we only received only very good comments. You did a great job and I am already looking forward to our next two groups.

Ina, Germany

Hi Khadija,

It went really well. Very positive feedback indeed and I would be delighted to use your company again in the future. Your service has been outstanding. Thanks for all your help.

Chris, UK

Dear Meriame and Khadija,

In America, this is a holiday called Thanksgiving where we pause to give thanks the blessings in our lives—for peace, prosperity and family.
On this day, I am feeling much thanks to you for your contribution to our Do-Fest event. As I said on our final night at Yacout, we could not have done it without you.
Your willingness to address each new request and challenge with a positive attitude was incredible. Our company vision is to: “create innovative events, powerful experiences and magical moments that entertain people, inspire a sense of community and celebrate humanity.” You are truly one of our people—and you made our vision come true at this event.
Please give my best to the other members of your team. We will miss you.



Michael, Mountain View, CA.

Dear Meriame,

We all arrived safely and more than happy home after our GREAT TRIP to Morrocco.

I would like to let you know that the days we spent together with the dear Khadija and the dear Hakim were outstanding.
All the participants are fascinated by the programme, the land, the hotel and restaurants we had chosen. I already received so many wonderful feedbacks from the guests and they are all more than thankful for the unique time we spent.

Khadija did, once more, a fantastic job. It was such a great pleasure to work with her, she absolutely knows what we expect and she also managed changements in a very uncomplicated and great way. I want never ever work with another person than Khadija when we come again to Marrakech 😉

Hotel was absolutely great, all the restaurants were great, only the entertainment at (…) was bad, but this was due to changement of the management and the participants took it with humour. So no worries about that.

The programme was fantastic and Khadija chose really good and reliebale suppliers, especially the Quad Guides at the desert were extremely professional.
I am very glad that also our „social project“ was such a big success – it was a great experience for all of us.

Hakim is a wonderful person and was the perfect guide for this trip, I would like to do each trip from now on with him. It was a great pleasure working with him.

I will try to sell Marrakech as often as possible from now on and will offer it to all the clients which do not have a destination already fixed in mind.

Of course I cannot promise anything but I will do my best.

The trip was a real big success and this is the real reward of the great work of Khadija. She prepared everything in a very professional and painstaking way and did really everything for us in her special warm, open and friendly way of behaviour during the days we spent with her.

You can be really glad to have such a great project manager in your team 😉

Thanks once more for everything – and my warmest regards.


Annika, Hanovre