Hi Khadija,

It went really well. Very positive feedback indeed and I would be delighted to use your company again in the future. Your service has been outstanding. Thanks for all your help.

Chris, UK

Dear Meriame and Khadija,

In America, this is a holiday called Thanksgiving where we pause to give thanks the blessings in our lives—for peace, prosperity and family.
On this day, I am feeling much thanks to you for your contribution to our Do-Fest event. As I said on our final night at Yacout, we could not have done it without you.
Your willingness to address each new request and challenge with a positive attitude was incredible. Our company vision is to: “create innovative events, powerful experiences and magical moments that entertain people, inspire a sense of community and celebrate humanity.” You are truly one of our people—and you made our vision come true at this event.
Please give my best to the other members of your team. We will miss you.



Michael, Mountain View, CA.

Dear Meriame,

We all arrived safely and more than happy home after our GREAT TRIP to Morrocco.

I would like to let you know that the days we spent together with the dear Khadija and the dear Hakim were outstanding.
All the participants are fascinated by the programme, the land, the hotel and restaurants we had chosen. I already received so many wonderful feedbacks from the guests and they are all more than thankful for the unique time we spent.

Khadija did, once more, a fantastic job. It was such a great pleasure to work with her, she absolutely knows what we expect and she also managed changements in a very uncomplicated and great way. I want never ever work with another person than Khadija when we come again to Marrakech 😉

Hotel was absolutely great, all the restaurants were great, only the entertainment at (…) was bad, but this was due to changement of the management and the participants took it with humour. So no worries about that.

The programme was fantastic and Khadija chose really good and reliebale suppliers, especially the Quad Guides at the desert were extremely professional.
I am very glad that also our „social project“ was such a big success – it was a great experience for all of us.

Hakim is a wonderful person and was the perfect guide for this trip, I would like to do each trip from now on with him. It was a great pleasure working with him.

I will try to sell Marrakech as often as possible from now on and will offer it to all the clients which do not have a destination already fixed in mind.

Of course I cannot promise anything but I will do my best.

The trip was a real big success and this is the real reward of the great work of Khadija. She prepared everything in a very professional and painstaking way and did really everything for us in her special warm, open and friendly way of behaviour during the days we spent with her.

You can be really glad to have such a great project manager in your team 😉

Thanks once more for everything – and my warmest regards.


Annika, Hanovre

Dear Khadija,

I am very pleased to send you my detailed feedback concerning our group in October.

First of all our client was very happy with the incentive and I want to thank you a lot!!! The group was not very easy, as you could see on spot and therefore this means really really a lot 🙂

Concerning the program and itinerary everything went very well and we would book it right away again!!!

I was also very happy with the hotel again. The service standard as well as the poolarea and location was perfect and I have seen a couple of hotels with you 😉
I would definitely recommend this hotel again.

Also the choice of restaurants was great, I was very happy with the food.
The Dinner and Evening at (…) was fantastic again.

I would like to thank you for the great job you have done, I appreciate that you worked hardly although you were sick and I am really looking forward to come back to Morocco and work with you again!

Kind regards,


Hanna, Hanovre

Mandarin Oriental Hotel group

Dear Meriame,

back in Frankfurt and after “cleaning” our desks the last days 😉 we do not want to miss to send you a big THANK YOU on behalf of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group for a fam trip program which was simply

and last but not least full of fun and filled with good laughters.

Thank you for all your hard work in making this happen!
Everything looked so easily arranged while we were in Marrakech but we know how much preparation and detailed planning it needs.
Your generosity, attention to detail, hospitality and personable approach were outstanding.
Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!

You can be sure that all participants will not only have good memories rather => they will never forget this trip!
For me personally it was the best program I ever experienced on a fam trip in such a short time, rest assured!

And keep in touch, please!

Bestest to you from Frankfurt,
Franziska and Susanne

Franziska et Susanne, Frankfurt

Chère Meriame,

bien rentrée sans problème sous la pluie à Düsseldorf.
Je vous remercie infiniment de ce merveilleux séjour formidable passé avec vous ainsi que de votre accueil extrêmement chaleureux.

Le voyage m’a permis de découvrir de nouveaux restaurants et lieux d’evènement, centre de conference etc.

Bien sûr le nouveau Mandarin Oriental est magnifique, il faudra trouver le client détenant le budget.. mais tout est possible.

Merci encore pour tout et à bientôt j’espère avec un client!

En vous souhaitant une bonne semaine,

Très cordialement
Chantal Faucheron-Köster

Chantal, Allemagne

Bonjour Meriame,

I wanted to thank you once for the wonderful days in Marrakesch.
The program was really fantastic, it showed a lot of possibilities for MICE.
I really wish to have some groups for this beautiful destination!

Thanks also for your personal support – you did great!!

All the best und until soon hopefully


Ursula, Autriche

Asalaam Aleykum Khalid,

Receive warm greetings from Travel Creations!

We trust this email shall find you well. Our family want to compliment Unitours Maroc for your excellent service. You all went to great lengths to ensure we enjoyed our visit to Marrakech. We received quality service from you and Ibrahim’s great knowledge during our tour is a prime example of this. Such service builds great working relationships. Travel Creations shall definitely promote outbound tours to Morocco to our customers. If there is anything we can do for you on our end please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and we look forward to working with your team again

Kind regards,

Zaynab, Kenya

Dear Khadija,

We all arrived well at our individual home countries and we are trying to get back into our busy daily office lifes … which is not so easy after these fantastic days we spent together with you in Marrakech: My credo for today ( and I hope to be able to keep for long… ) is the following now : KEEP CALM AND DRINK MOROCCAN TEA.

May I thank you once more for your warm hospitality to Marrakech, for the great organisation at all aspects : the co-ordination at the hotel / the transportation all around / the wonderful city sightseeing tour / the marvellous garden tour and all the unique sports activities per balloon, jeep and quad !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything totally unforgettable … !!!!!!!!

Best wishes and warmest personal regards,


Olivia, Allemagne

Dear Meriame,
I hope you had a little bit time to rest and you feel better now. Thanks a lot again for all your cooperation, your tireless engagement and professional work. We know very well, that it is not very easy to work for the german market and their requirements.
But you did it more than WELL DONE ! We are looking forward to work with you again in the near future.
Best regards,

Claudia, Allemagne