Bô & Zin

A mix of a zen, sobriety and elegance.

On the Ourika Valley road 3 km out of town, set around the gardens serving French and Thai cuisine. Bô & Zin has a fantastic ambience when you can eat outside in the warmer months. Our favorite for ambience.

Mojitos, delicious Thai and French fusion food, leather banquettes,moody lighting and minimalist fire places – you could almost be in New York. Almost. The elegant, slightly could-be-anywhere decor is the natural result of an aesthetic born in Marrakech, farmed out to stylists in London and LA, and flown back.

The Bô & Zin offers several facilities for a total capacity of 520 pax:

  • Main inside room: 80 persons,
  • Small Veranda: 40 persons,
  • Bar room: 40 persons,
  • Large veranda: 50 persons
  • Pergola : 70 persons,
  • Garden and marquees : 240 persons

Fridays and Saturdays : 2 services, one starting at 20.00 and the second at 22.30.

And do not forget that you can always get in touch with us if you need more info on this venue !