Palais Soleiman

A former ruler of Marrakech welcomes you in his private palace

This palace, once the «official» area of Caid Layadi’s Palace,- a former ruler of Marrakech in the 19th century – has been restored over the years to its past original splendour of sculpted wooden and painted ceilings, ancient zellijs and majestic space by Mustapha Segueni, a lover of Morocco history and of Opera and classic Music.

The Moroccan cuisine served here is refined and inventive, the décor truly splendid and your evening there will have something of an «imperial» taste !

Run now by his son Driss, – laureate of the Geneva Hostelry School – and equipped with ultra modern facilities and all the amenities required by high-end restaurants, Palais Soleiman is able to accommodate up to six hundred fifty guests between:

  • Patio : 290 sqm. 250 persons for dinner, 220 if dine and dance, 400 for dinner cocktail,
  • Fafa’s :220 sqm. 180 persons for dinner, 130 if dine and dance, 250 for dinner cocktail,
  • Red Salon : 42 sqm. 40 persons for dinner,
  • Salon Ottoman : 38 sqm. 30 persons for dinner,
  • Caftans’Salon : 38 sqm. 30 persons for dinner.

And do not forget that you can always get in touch with us if you need more info on this venue !