Marrakech, the Red City turning Green…

You may have already been to Marrakech or are planning to, for holidays with friends and family, or to attend business meetings, conferences or seminars. You may have already seen the historical places, the restaurants, the congress centers, the gardens, the beautiful surroundings… but did you know that Marrakech had also electric buses, bike sharing systems, clean energy for its mosques, the largest waste water treatment plant in Morocco, a controlled landfill with waste sorting and biogas production systems?

Today, we would like to give a boost to Younes, a young Moroccan citizen from Marrakech, who is racing for the 2017 Global Youth Video Competition – Climate Friendly and Resilient Cities category. We think he has made a really good short video showing how Marrakech is taking a leap to ecoresponsibility, ecotourism and green energy. He is already one of the 20 films shortlisted.

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