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Unitours Maroc, DMC and incoming travel agency in Marrakech since 1981.

Create your social project

Unitours Maroc is proud to have set up several social projects with clients. These projects aim to help local associations improve the daily life of disabled persons and school children in Marrakech, the Atlas mountains, and the South.

Here are some actions we could take before, during and after your event:

  • Painting and repairs in homes of older people,
  • Give baby diapers and baby milk to orphanages,
  • Refurbishment of a reading & library project for challenged young children,
  • Use the bike as a mode of transport for one of the groups tours rather than using a coach,
  • Have your guests bring a toy from their local area and have this donated to a local school or children’s hospital,
  • Use more environmentally friendly lighting for your events, ie. LED lights,
  • Set up an App / Website for your event rather than sending a lot of paperwork to your guests.
  • On the return journey to the airport, collect your guests remaining Dirhams and donate the Dirhams to a nominated charity.

switch to responsible tourism with unitours !

Restore a local school

Public schools in Morocco lack resources; they have problems that make it hard for students to excel. Low participation rates in education persist in all parts of the country, although they are slowly improving, rising from 49.7 per cent in 2007-2008 to 56 per cent in 2010-2011. This project aims to increase young boys and girls' attendance in school.

Build a football / sports field

This project consists in widening and improving the playground of the village primary school to build a football field (or sports more generally) for children from 05 to 12/13 years old.

Provide solar-panel driven water pumps

Support a project to provide solar-panel-driven water pumps in a Berber village in the Atlas Mountains. This zone is facing extreme poverty but also has development potential. It is mountainous rangeland with poor productivity and a rain-fed agricultural area in the hinterland near Marrakech. Solar energy could enable the water tower to provide water to this village's houses. This project is designed to achieve sustainable improvement in the quality of villager's life through cleaner water to drink and to help agriculture through more irrigation.

Building dreams in a berber village: creating a Playground

This picture of these teenagers building a playground in a poor rural village helps make the kid's dream come true. Your work will involve manual labour to create a playground for the villages' or a school's children. You will also work on preparing a courtyard space by removing the uneven rocky ground, laying a cement floor, and then creating and equipping a beautiful, fun, safe place for children or students to play. You don't need to have any experience in construction work. An exciting element of a construction project like this is that you, your group members and the people of your host village will see a playground come into being before your eyes!